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All playhouses -

  • Each playhouse folds up into a package 40cm x 30cm and comes in a matching storage bag to make pack-away or travelling easy as pie.
  • Your playhouse is 100% machine washable (cold wash only) and will fit easily into any washing machine that can handle 1 ½ queen sheets. Just hang to dry after washing, or drape over your table to air dry inside your house.
  • All the solid colours on your playhouse are 65% polyester and 35% cotton – guaranteeing that the light-weight material lets just enough light through so that it doesn’t get too dark inside.
  • All patterns on the playhouse are made of the softest 100% cotton fabric.
  • Each window is made of 100% polyester netting – an ideal choice to ensure the cubby holds its shape and doesn’t sag, and it also allows plenty of airflow through to the inside.
  • Because the fabric doesn’t crease easily, so you don’t have to fuss about folding it perfectly when you put it away. There’s no need to iron it (although you can if you choose to – just pass on ironing the net windows, of course).
  • The matching storage bag can also become a comfy cushion for your imaginative child – just insert a foam insert from your local fabric or craft store into the bag and you’re all set.
  • All you need to do to set up your child’s private hideaway is drape the playhouse over your table, and use the built-in cotton ties to secure it safely to the table legs. It’s as easy to set up as it is to play in.

Domestic Adventures house -

  • The letterbox is perfect for posting notes or drawings, and inside your playhouse are two pockets for hiding treasures.
  • Each of the two windows has curtains which can be tied back with the attached ribbon. When not tied back, the curtains do not fully close to ensure continued airflow through the cubby.
  • One size available - Rectangle (for tables 170-185cm long and 90-105cm wide). The Large Rectangle and Square sizes have sold out.

Mechanical Adventures auto garage -

  • Two vans are parked in the workshop with one vacant bay in the centre behind the "roller door". Lift up the door (it will stay up when flipped onto the roof) and park your car or truck. You can fix the vans or your own car or truck - does your car collection need some repairs? - or pretend to take the vans for a drive. You could even ask a friend to drive the other van to have a race!
  • The car wash on the side of the cubby means endless fun going in and out through the “funny door”, as well as using the stop and go buttons to give your car or truck a post-repair wash. The fabric is a gorgeous bright cotton with kombi vans printed on it fashioned into washing “tentacles”.
  • The pocket on the door is perfect for storing your tools or posting notes or drawings, and more treasures can be hidden in the pocket inside your playhouse.
  • One size available - Rectangle (for tables 170-185cm long and 90-105cm wide).